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While most people have sold a vehicle at some time in their life, the actual cost of selling it isn’t something we always think about. The only essential cost is having a roadworthy inspection before sale, because Queensland law requires this. However, there are other things you can do to give yourself the best chance of securing a good price in a quick and easy sale.

Let’s take a look at what it costs to sell a car in Queensland.

Posting on Classified Sites

The most common way to sell a car these days is through online classifieds. Popular classifieds are:

While most of these services are free, you can pay small fees to enhance your listing. It might be adding extra photos, or making your ad ‘sponsored’, to ensure it shows up at the start of search results. All services will have different pricing, but the costs are usually only small, so check before you post an ad.

Cleaning Your Car for Sale

Ensuring your car looks its best will obviously make it more appealing to buyers. Now, you can obviously wash the outside yourself. You can even tidy up the inside too. However, most people would prefer to have their car professionally detailed before sale. It makes sure people get a great first impression of your car, so it can be a valuable exercise.

In Queensland, car detailing prices range from $150 – $320. It will depend on what type of vehicle, and the type of detailing you want done. If your car isn’t valued very highly, this cost might not make much sense, so you can always go to a car wash facility and give it a good once-over and a vacuum for under $20.

Best Practice for Servicing

It’s not essential, as many people want their own mechanical checks done. But it always pays to have your car serviced before sale. Also, you want to make sure your service records are up to date. This shows a buyer you’ve looked after the vehicle.

In Queensland, expect to pay between $180-$270 for a basic car service. It can be a great way to show the car has been checked and is running well.

Roadworthy Certificates

It’s a legal requirement in Queensland to have a roadworthy inspection done before selling a vehicle. The process is pain free, especially if you choose a mobile service like Totally Mobile Roadworthy. You can obtain a Roadworthy Certificate from $90 + GST, and we come to you. It’s easy, convenient, and gets your vehicle ready for sale. All safety features are checked, and a certificate can be issued on the spot.

If you’d like to know more about roadworthy certificates, or to book an inspection, contact us today and let our friendly team get your car prepared for sale.


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