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If you’re buying, selling, re-registering or transferring a vehicle, it’s a requirement to have the vehicle inspected. This is to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and meets certain requirements under the Queensland Transport Regulations. Not only does it protect you, but also other road users who could be put at risk. However, even though roadworthy inspections are necessary, it can also be a hassle to attend an inspection centre. So, here are just a few reasons to choose a mobile roadworthy service instead.

No more wasted time

Most roadworthy inspections take around 60 minutes. That figure is the same whether you choose traditional assessment centres or mobile service. However, by going mobile, you avoid a whole bunch of unnecessary travel and waiting around. Usually, you’d have to drive to the assessment centre and find something to do for an hour before driving home.

With a mobile roadworthy inspection, you don’t need to go anywhere. Assessors will come to your home or even workplace, and you can go about your day. It’s that simple!

Mobile roadworthy is cheaper

Mobile roadworthy inspections are often cheaper because there are simply fewer operating costs. Low overheads mean mobile services can offer a cheaper price – even though they also make it more convenient for you.

At Totally Mobile Roadworthy, our inspections cost $99 and you get the added convenience of not travelling anywhere. Save time, fuel and still get a great price!

Contactless roadworthy inspections

In the current climate, contactless services are just as important as ever. With Covid-19 set to be looming over our heads for the foreseeable future, why take unnecessary risks? If you attend an assessment centre, you need to touch door handles, sit in waiting areas, and generally be exposed to more people. By choosing a mobile service, you barely even have to leave your front door. A quick chat with your assessor, and it’s done. Safe, convenient and easy.

Honest service

One of the big concerns, when you attend roadworthy assessment centres, is their affiliation with repair workshops. It’s rare that an assessment centre is completely independent. So, while we certainly wouldn’t suggest that all of them are the same, there are unfortunately some out there who will recommend unnecessary repairs in order to make some extra money.

Here at Totally Mobile Roadworthy, we’re not linked to any repair workshops. All you get is honest, transparent feedback about your vehicle. If you genuinely need repairs, we’ll let you know. If you don’t, you’ll get your certificate and we’ll be on our way!


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