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Whether you’ve made a move interstate before or this is your first time, there’s always a million and one things to get ready, some of which can easily slip your mind! So we’ve put together some of the most important ‘bit n bobs’ for an easy transition to your new home in the sun!

Before you go!

Change of Address

There’s always going to be loads of entities that have your details on file, many of which you won’t be able to remember in the  chaos of moving, so it’s always best to arrange to have any stray mail held or redirected.

Some of the institutions you’ll want to contact first with your change of address are: Australia Post, Australian Taxation Office, Human Services – Centrelink, Child Support Agency, Medicare and the Australian Electoral Commission. In addition to these, you should update your details with your accountant, dentist, bank, credit union, doctor, utilities company, insurance, toll tags (e-tag, e-toll, touch tag, viatag etc) and any newspapers and magazine subscriptions that you can think of.

Roadside Assist 

If you’re relocating by car and have a long drive ahead, a valid membership with a national road side assist team is a must! Having an RACQ or NRMA membership will save you stress and worry should you encounter any car troubles along the way. In addition to this, make sure you pack extra car oil, water and have a usable spare tyre that it is not more than six years old. Even unused, tyres begin breaking down after 6 years and become unsafe to drive on long distances. If your tyre is too old it will be deemed not roadworthy by your roadside assist team and they will not be able to change the tyre for you. This will probably mean you’ll need to get towed to the nearest mechanic to have a new tyre fitted. Depending on your roadside assist membership, towing to a certain point will come free, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution, save yourself the hassle and simply make sure your car is in top condition and serviced before you leave.

When you’ve arrived!

Update your drivers license

Once you’ve arrived on The Sunshine Coast and perhaps settling into your new home, you’ll want to head to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to swap your license over to a QLD drivers license. This is a great first step to make as your new licence will be very handy as a proof of address for many other tasks ahead. Before you go into the department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre, make sure you have the following –

  1. Interstate or territory drivers licence
  2. Proof of identity, eg, birth certificate, passport, credit card
  3. Proof of your residential address, eg, contract of sale or lease agreement
  4. Driver licence application.

Get a Roadworthy

Since you’ve officially made the move to The Sunshine Coast, you’ll now need to transfer your registration to Queensland – to do this, you’ll need to first obtain a Queensland Safety Certificate. It’s important that you choose a reputable and un-biased safety inspector to assess your vehicle to avoid having to make unnecessary and expensive repairs to get the roadworthy. If you’re in need of a convenient and trusted local roadworthy service on the Sunshine Coast, Totally Mobile Roadworthy are certainly the right team to talk to!

Transfer Your Registration 

The Queensland government gives 14 days to transfer the registration of your vehicle to Queensland, after which time you can be fined if it’s not. So best to get this step done quickly once you’ve decided that you’re staying!

If you’re bringing with you a heavy vehicle like a trailer or caravan (over 750kg) and it’s currently registered in a different state under the National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme, you’ll need to obtain a roadworthy and HVRAS certificate before you can transfer registration to a new state. Once your car or caravan has been registered (or measured as a heavy vehicle) in Queensland, you’ll be able to transfer to Queensland Registration. Totally Mobile Roadworthy can carry out both the Roadworthy Certificate and HVRAS requirements at any location at a time that suits you.

Transfer/ set up utilities + insurance 

Ah, you’ve finally moved in (well the boxes are at least!), time to transfer or set up the utilities for your new abode. And while you’re at it and unpacking all those boxes, it’s probably the perfect chance to review and organise contents and household insurance for your new home!

Find your favourite local businesses! 

All the boring stuff is done! Now the hunt is on to find your favourite local spots!

A great way to get recommendations for great local dentists, doctors and mechanics on the Sunshine Coast is by joining Sunshine Coast Community Board on Facebook and asking the locals! Also, be sure to check out any google reviews on any local business to ensure you’re getting the quality your family deserves!

When it comes to finding your favourite coffee spot or place for a cocktail, well that’s simply about trying them all! Take yourself out and about and enjoy the laid back environment with a local food and drink tour of your own. Get to know The Sunshine Coast, YOUR way! Contact us today and let our friendly team get your car prepared for sale.


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