Welcome to Totally Mobile Roadworthy’s guide to safe caravanning! Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or new to the world of caravanning, ensuring a safe journey is paramount. At Totally Mobile Roadworthy, we understand the importance of road safety and want to equip you with the knowledge to make your caravan trips enjoyable and worry-free.

Before hitting the road, it’s crucial to ensure your caravan is in top condition. This is where roadworthy certificates come into play. A roadworthy certificate, also known as a safety certificate, verifies that your caravan meets the necessary safety standards required for road travel.

Totally Mobile Roadworthy offers comprehensive inspections to assess your caravan’s safety. Our experienced inspectors thoroughly examine essential components such as brakes, tyres, lights, suspension, and more, providing you with peace of mind knowing your caravan is roadworthy.

Here are some tips for safe towing:

  1. Know your vehicle’s towing capacity: Before setting off, ensure that your vehicle is capable of towing the caravan safely. Exceeding the towing capacity can lead to instability and safety hazards.
  2. Load the caravan properly: Distribute the weight evenly within the caravan, placing heavier items low down and towards the front. Ensure that the load is within the caravan’s weight limits and that it’s not overloaded.
  3. Check the hitch: Make sure the hitch is securely attached to both the vehicle and the caravan, and that safety chains are properly connected. Double-check that all lights and signals are working.
  4. Practice manoeuvring: Before hitting the road, practice reversing, turning, and braking with the caravan attached. This will help you get accustomed to the feel of towing and improve your confidence.
  5. Drive cautiously: Drive at a moderate speed and leave extra space between you and other vehicles. Remember that towing increases your stopping distance, so allow for more time to brake.
  6. Anticipate sway: Be prepared for the caravan to sway, especially in windy conditions or when passing large vehicles. If sway occurs, avoid sudden steering corrections or braking, as this can exacerbate the problem. Instead, ease off the accelerator and hold the steering wheel firmly until the sway subsides.
  7. Use lower gears when needed: When ascending or descending steep inclines, use lower gears to maintain control and prevent the vehicle from straining.
  8. Take breaks: Long journeys can be tiring, so take regular breaks to rest and stretch your legs. This will help you stay alert and focused while driving.
  9. Be mindful of road conditions: Be cautious when driving on uneven or slippery surfaces, as these can affect the stability of the caravan. Slow down and proceed with caution in adverse weather conditions.
  10. Plan your route: Choose roads that are suitable for towing, avoiding narrow lanes, sharp bends, and low bridges. Plan your route in advance to minimize unexpected challenges.

By following these tips and driving with caution, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable towing experience with your caravan.


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