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When it comes time to obtain a safety certificate for your vehicle, there are a few quick and simple steps you can take to properly prepare your vehicle for a roadworthy inspection. If it’s time and money you want to save, making these simple considerations will go a long way in getting you a positive roadworthy result, the first time around!


How To Prepare Your Car For Roadworthy  Totally Mobile Roadworthy

Beyond checking the amount of tread on each tyre, our qualified assessors will be inspecting the actual condition of your tyres. So prior to inspection you should look for an even tread pattern across the footprint of your tyre and other wear such as cracks or chips across the wall of the tyres. The easiest way to gauge if your tyres have enough tread to pass a roadworthy inspection is simply by referencing your tyre tread wear indicators as shown below. If your tyre tread is level with the indicators on any part of the footprint your tyre will need to be replaced.


A clean windscreen is a given! If you can’t see out of it, it won’t pass.

This is always an easy fix, so before your roadworthy inspection, make the time to clean it and check for any chips or cracks. Any damage to the windscreen, within the sweep of the wiper blade that impairs the driver’s vision will mean a windscreen replacement. Fortunately, most insurance companies cover windscreen replacement, so check in with your insurance company to see if your policy covers you for a free windscreen replacement.

Headlights + Lamps 

Light brightness is another important test in a roadworthy assessment and one which often has a very simple solution! If your lights are looking a little dull, be sure to make those headlights shine with a good scrub to ensure maximum brightness!

When it comes to other lamps on your car, assessors will look for them to be more than just functional. Prior to the inspection, you should check that all lamps on your vehicle are not only operating but securely mounted. This includes park lamps, headlights, reverse lights, indicators and fog lights.

Spare Wheel 

At Totally Mobile Roadworthy we inspect only what is essential to the safety of your vehicle. So while we will check that your spare wheel is properly mounted, it is not a requirement that the tyre itself be in a roadworthy condition. So the only thing you need to worry about is making sure your spare wheel is properly fitted to your car before the inspection.

Windscreen wipers + Washers

When it comes to your windscreen the biggest priority is a clear view!

It’s very easy to check and test whether your windscreen is up to par, so don’t go to your roadworthy inspection without doing these two things!

  1. Make sure your wiper blades are properly cleaning your windscreen and not leaving major streaks in your line of vision. If your wiper blades are old, spring for some new ones! It’s inexpensive and will make a world of difference.
  2. Check that your washer fluid is topped up and effectively squirting onto your windscreen.

If you think your wipers are ‘okay’ but you prefer to err on the side of caution, you can always give them new life by using a rag and some soapy water to firmly wipe down the blade and take off any rough build up – it will blacken your rag but certainly, make your wipers more effective!

At Totally Mobile Roadworthy, we pride ourselves on our transparency and do not offer repairs or recommendations for mechanical workshops. So you can truly feel at ease knowing an assessment from us is 100% genuine with no recommendations for costly and unnecessary repairs! If you’re looking for a truly honest mobile roadworthy inspection, just call one of our friendly staff to book in a time! – P. 0467 777 144


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