Mobile Roadworthy and Safety Certificates Pomona

Roadworthy and/or Safety Certificates are required when buying, selling or re-registering a vehicle. These safety inspections are incredibly important for ensuring everyone’s safety on the roads. For the best Pomona vehicle safety inspections, the friendly Totally Mobile Roadworthy team are the ones you can rely on. We don’t just do roadworthy and safety certificates in Pomona though. Our wide range of vehicle inspection services are done conveniently, quickly and transparently.

What Do We Do?

Most importantly, our services are completely mobile. That means no more dropping your car off to an inspection centre and killing time for an hour. That’s just a waste of your valuable time. No matter what type of inspection you need, just book a time and we’ll come to your door! Here’s how we can help:

Pomona Roadworthy and Safety Certificates

Mobile Roadworthy Pomona certificates are a requirement when registering your vehicle. This goes for buying, selling or transferring a vehicle too. Our assessors are fully trained in roadworthy and safety assessments and adhere to the Queensland Transport regulations.

Certificate of Inspection for Passenger Vehicle

If you drive a taxi, Uber or operate any other ride-share service, you need a Certificate of Inspection (COI) each year to keep running your business. Let us take the hassle out of Pomona COI certificates. Our team quickly and conveniently check your car’s safety features, and even issue your COI directly.

Motorbike Inspections

Pomona motorbike inspections shouldn’t be difficult. We take the hassle out of re-registering or buying a second-hand bike. All you need to do is book a time, and we’ll come to you. For convenience and prices, you can’t go past Totally Mobile Roadworthy.

Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme

Our team is fully accredited to carry out heavy vehicle inspections under the Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme (HVRAS).

Roadworthy and Safety Certificates Pomona Totally Mobile Roadworthy

Roadworthy and Safety Certificates Pomona Totally Mobile Roadworthy

Why Choose Totally Mobile Roadworthy for Pomona Safety Certificates?

People trust us to deliver convenient, fast and honest services, and that’s exactly what we do. For the best Pomona vehicle inspections, here’s why you should make us your first choice.


With Totally Mobile Roadworthy, you don’t have to come to us and waste an hour of your day. We’re totally mobile, so we’ll come to you. Each inspection takes around 60 minutes, and then we’ll be out of your way! Just book in a time and place, and we’ll be there to conduct your inspection and issue your documentation straight away.

Great Price

For just $99, our roadworthy and safety inspections are affordably priced. Don’t pay more for other assessors who don’t even come to you!

Certified Assessors

Our assessors are highly skilled, experienced and most importantly accredited under Queensland Transport regulations. For fully certified vehicle inspections in Aura, look no further than Totally Mobile Roadworthy.

Fast Service

We’re a completely mobile service, so we can get to you fast. Don’t waste your time at assessment centres, because we’ve got a much quicker solution. Just book in a time, and we’ll come to your home or workplace. Our inspections usually only take approximately 60 minutes.

Transparent and Honest Inspections

We don’t do repairs and we’re not aligned to any mechanical workshops. Some vehicle inspection services may recommend unnecessary repairs to generate more business for their workshop. With us, all you get is honesty and transparency. After our inspection, our assessors clearly explain any issues found.

Need the Best Vehicle Inspections Pomona Has to Offer?

Contact us at Totally Mobile Roadworthy today. Don’t trust anybody else for convenient, honest, reliable Mobile Roadworthy Pomona Certificates. Call us now to get back on the road today.