Roadworthy Safety Certificates for Electric Vehicles

The use of electric vehicles is on the rise in Queensland, and for that reason, many people need roadworthy safety certificates to sell, transfer or purchase a new vehicle. While there re many differences between electric cars and traditional ones, one thing is very much the same. You’re required by law to have a roadworthy inspection for buy/selling or transferring an electric vehicle.

Our friendly team of assessors are always on the road, and we provide a completely mobile service that’s contact-free, convenient and fast. You don’t need to come to an assessment centre and waste a good portion of your day, because we can come to you. Simply book a time and place, and we’ll get the job done. We can even issue your electric vehicle safety certificate on the spot.

Fast, convenient service

One big complaint we’ve heard from vehicle owners in Queensland is that it’s inconvenient getting roadworthy safety inspections for their car. In most cases, you need to book a time to drop your car at an inspection centre, and the process can take over an hour. Still, that’s not really long enough to do anything productive, especially on foot. So, you end up waiting around, wasting a good chunk of your time while the assessment takes place.

We take away that hassle by providing a mobile inspection service. We can come to your home or workplace, and you hardly need to do a thing. We’ll conduct the inspection while you go on with your day. Each inspection takes about 60 minutes, after which we’ll issue your electric vehicle safety certificate on the spot or clearly explain any issues that prevent us from passing your vehicle. It’s fast, convenient, and gives you more time to get on with your day.

Roadworthy Safety Certificates for Electric Vehicles Totally Mobile Roadworthy

Roadworthy Safety Certificates for Electric Vehicles Totally Mobile Roadworthy

A completely independent assessment

Perhaps most importantly, we don’t have any links to mechanical workshops or repair centres. Unfortunately, some assessment services also run auto repair shops. This means they might recommend repairs that you don’t necessarily need in order to drive more business to their affiliated repair centre.

With Totally Mobile Roadworthy, we conduct a completely unbiased electric vehicle inspection according to Queensland Transport Regulations. If we find issues, our experienced assessors will explain them clearly, honestly and transparently.

Book your electric vehicle assessment today

Here at Totally Mobile Roadworthy, we make the process of obtaining safety certificates for electric vehicles simple. Our assessment is affordable, convenient and completely independent. With our team of qualified assessors always on the road, we can get to you fast. Plus, it’s never been easier to book. Simply visit our website and book online in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, please contact us if you’ve got any questions at all.