Do I need a Roadworthy certificate?
AIf you’re selling or transferring a vehicle or purchasing one that does not yet have a safety certificate, you will need a RWC to complete a transfer ownership through the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. If you don’t get a safety certificate, the Department of Transport will not be able to grant you a transfer of title for that vehicle and the car may become deregistered. A safety certificate is also required to re-register vehicles when registration expires.
What locations do Totally Mobile Roadworthy cover?
AOur team services all areas within the Sunshine Coast Region – from Noosa to Caloundra and the Glasshouse Mountains to the Hinterland!
What do I do with the certificate?
AYou simply need to present your Safety Certificate along with the necessary purchase/ transfer forms and fee to the Queensland Department of Transport. Once you have done this the department can transfer and update their transport records of ownership and the vehicle is yours! You should take your roadworthy certificate to the Department of Transport within 60 days or 2000km from the date of receiving it. Should 60 days pass or you exceed the 2000km limit before processing with the Transport & Main Roads Customer Service Centre, the certificate will expire and a new roadworthy certificate will need to be issued.
Who can issue a Safety Certificate?
AA Safety Certificate can only be issued by a licensed assessor. At Totally Mobile Roadworthy, all of our assessors are licensed Queensland mechanics and accredited safety inspectors.
How long does it take to complete an inspection?
AYou should allow up to an hour for your vehicle to be assessed and approved. This process includes a thorough assessment of the vehicle, a road test, and a written report at the end of the inspection.
How long does a certificate last?
AA RWC is valid for sixty (60) days from the date it is issued. This is the timeframe set by Queensland Transport and not by Totally Mobile Roadworthy.
When can a Safety Certificate be issued?
AA Certificate of Roadworthiness can only be issued after a vehicle passes a safety inspection by one of our expert team.
What will be inspected?
AA roadworthy inspection is a safety test designed to keep poorly maintained cars, trucks and trailers off the roads; all of our safety inspections focus solely on the condition and wear of major engine and body components. At Totally Mobile Roadworthy, we provide 100% genuine checks and feedback; we are totally independent from mechanical workshops and do not offer repairs of any kind. That’s why you can be sure that when it comes to our safety inspections, there’s no ‘funny business’ and focus totally on your car’s safety.

Our roadworthy inspections cover items such as:

✔ Wheels and tyres
✔ Steering, suspension and breaking systems
✔ Structure of the vehicle
✔ Lights and reflectors
✔ Seats and seat belts
✔ Windscreen and windows
✔ Windscreen wipers and washers
✔ Other safety related items on the body, engine or chassis

It’s important to understand that a safety inspection is not a test of mechanical reliability. It simply means that your vehicle is in sound condition to be driving safely on state roads.

What if the vehicle fails the test?
AShould your car fail to meet the standards set by Queensland Transport, our assessors will issue you with a rejection report outlining the specific issues and repairs needed to pass a safety inspection. You will need to repair each item on the report and then make a time with us to have the vehicle re-inspected. A re-inspection can be carried out up to 14 days after initial inspection, though after this period the certificate will be invalid and a whole new inspection will need to be carried out.

If you want more information on how to pass a roadworthy inspection, feel free to give one of our friendly team a call. They can assist you with getting the right information for a positive result, the first time around! OR click through to our blog to find out more on ‘How to prepare your car for a roadworthy certificate’.

What if I have a problem with the inspection process or certificate?
AIf you believe for any reason that your vehicle was not properly assessed or you have any other queries regarding the inspection, you can contact our team directly by calling or emailing us! P. 0467 777 144 E. info@totallymobileroadworthy.com

OR you can contact QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads to ensure the right information was provided to you.

Why doesn’t Totally Mobile Roadworthy do repairs?
ATotally Mobile Roadworthy is a fully independent roadworthy service. We pride ourselves on providing truly un-biased assessments and as such, we do not carry out repairs or have alliances with any mechanical workshops. This way, you can trust that every single roadworthy completed by our team is totally integral with only your safety and the safety of others in mind.
My vehicle is unregistered, is that okay?
AOf course! It is totally fine for your car to be unregistered when we arrive. Our team always carry a trade plate that allows us to run a road test safely and legally.
Is a safety certificate and a RWC the same thing?
AYes! ‘Roadworthy Certificate’ was renamed ‘Safety Certificate’ by the Queensland Department of Transport – so now these terms are used interchangeably.
Do I need a Safety Certificate for my trailer, caravan or camper?
AFor trailers or caravans that are under 750kg, NO – you simply need to take it to your closest Department of Transport and Main Roads office and complete a Self Assessment.

If a caravan or trailer is over 750kg, YES – you’ll need to obtain a roadworthy certificate.

You can easily find your vehicles weight on the registration papers or compliance plate!

What is a HVRAS?
AA HVRAS (Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme) is an assessment for vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) or for caravans/ trailers over 750kg ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass). The purpose is to ensure these vehicles comply with:

✔ Safe tyre limits
✔ Approved load sharing axle systems
✔ Vehicle identifiers
✔ Dimensional limitations

When do I need a HVRAS ?
AYou’ll need a Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme if your vehicle or trailer has been registered in another state and needs to be re-registered in Queensland. You’ll also need a HVRAS should your current registration expire.
What is a COI?
AA COI (Certificate of Inspection) is an inspection carried out every 12 months on certain heavy vehicles over 4.5t tonne as well as, licensed tow trucks, taxis/Ubers or hire vehicles to ensure that minimum vehicle safety standards are met. To know more about COI for commercial vehicles, head to the Queensland Government website or contact Totally Mobile Roadworthy for further information or to book your Certificate of Inspection.
Are your assessors vetted?
A All assessors have been vetted with a criminal history check for your peace of mind.